Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review: Teleroboxer

Available On: Virtual Boy

Story: Teleroboxer takes place in the 22nd century, when a technology called "Telerobotics" is used, allowing people to control robots to do tasks not normally doable by humans. Teleroboxing was created by Dr. Edward Maki Jr., involving two robots boxing against each other. If you have ever seen the movie Real Steel staring Hugh Jackman, then this is that movie as a game (even though the game was released 16 years before the movie).

Game Play: The game plays similar to the arcade version of Punch-Out!!!. You use both D-Pads and the two triggers on the back of the controller to control your robot's jabs, uppercuts, hooks. and to dodge and block.

Look: This is probably the best looking game on the Virtual Boy. The 3D looks really nice and when I got knocked out, the loss screen looked great. I did love the designs for the robot challengers.

Sound: I thought that for the limited capabilities of the Virtual Boy, the sound effects and music for this game worked rather well.

Replay Value: It's a fun game to play over and over again. If you can beat every match without losing then you can fight the Champion.

Pros: This game is a lot of fun, if you are looking for a quick game to kill some time with. This was a prime example of what the Virtual Boy could of done with 3D and uniqueness, had it lived beyond its short lifespan.

Cons: The game is short due to it being on a "portable" system. There are only 8 opponents in total for the game.

Overall: If you are a fan of the Punch-Out!!! games, and you own a Virtual Boy (or have a Virtual Boy Emulator) then this is a must play. It has been listed as one of the top games for the Virtual Boy, and I felt that this is probably one of the best examples of the 3D capabilities on this system. If Nintendo ever decides to release the Virtual Boy games on the 3DS, then this would be a definite download.

Score: B