Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest

Available On: Gamecube

Story: You play as a cube shaped creature called a Cubivore. You must eat other creatures to become stronger and then find a mate to evolve your species. Eventually you will take on the Killer Cubivore, who is at the top of the food chain, and controls the land.

Game Play: This is an action adventure game that also plays like an RPG too. Evolving into different types of Cubivore species affects your stats (speed, jumping, blocking, etc.). You tear your opponents apart and eat them to help with your evolution. You then find a mate and your offspring will have the new characteristics. This game is basically Darwinism: The Game being it's all about natural selection.

Look: The look of the game is cube based. I like how this look works for this game. If you're not into simple graphics than this is not a game for you.

Sound: The piano music really fits this game perfectly in my opinion. The sound effects in this game seemed pretty basic to me.

Replay Value: The only thing to do once the game is done is unlocking all the variants of the Cubivore.

Pros: This is a nice change of pace to the action adventure series by adding the RPG element and the natural selection twist. If you liked the game Spores for the PC, then this game is right up your alley.

Cons: I wish the levels were larger with more selections to customize your Cubivore.

Overall: This is a game that I would recommend trying only if it really interests you because it will cost you a pretty penny to get as most copies are on eBay for around $100+ dollars.

Score: B-

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Available On: 3DS

You play as the newest designer for Nook's Homes and you design houses and buildings for the newest members of your town.

Game Play: You drag and drop the items around the house or buildings using the stylus on the touch screen. You can also walk around using the joystick. If you own any of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Cards, you can tap them on the NFC Reader device or the NFC Reader in the New Nintendo 3DS to have that villager visit you.

Look: This game has the same look that Animal Crossing fans have come to love.

Sound: The Villagers have their own language and the sound effects work for the all the items that make sounds. It also includes all of K.K. Slider's songs so you are able to use them while designing, which I love.

Replay Value: Once you have completed working on all the villagers houses and buildings, you can still participate in the online contests they will be holding or design for the villagers on the Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Cards.

Pros: This is a fun change from the normal Animal Crossing games being it does not rely on real world time.

Cons: I feel that this game would be nice as a downloadable but not as a full price release.

Overall: I like the game and think its a nice change of pace from the regular Animal Crossing games but I don't think this should be be a full price game. I hope they incorporate the features of this game into the next main Animal Crossing game.

Score: C